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Feb 29 2016

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Aug 13 2014

Dan Richards discusses responsive interface design, device tracking, adaptive assessments, optimizing the learning experience, and social interactions from a developer's point of view.



Mar 29, 2016
Eddie Javor

Lately (if it wasn’t made apparent in several other blog entries), I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the Slider in Storyline 2. It’s such a simple tool on the surface, but it’s one with tons of potential if you dare to dive deeper.

I mentioned last time that multiple sliders can share the same variable values, and that slider thumbs can be images. How can we push this to another level? What if the slider thumb was a panoramic image?

Mar 09, 2016
Eddie Javor

Information graphics, or “Infographics” for short, are quick and easy ways of presenting information in a more graphical format. They’re all the rage these days, and animating them can raise the bar to a whole new level of coolness!

Mar 07, 2016
Pachia Lee

On January 30th, Interactive Advantage hosted a pilot of our new Interpersonal Performance Assessment (IPA) offering with business leaders from around Atlanta. The purpose of the event was to get some feedback and refine our idea. IPA is designed to video capture, evaluate, improve and certify performance in the areas of sales, leadership, customer support and classroom instruction.

Jan 04, 2016
Eddie Javor

I was asked to develop an interactive presentation of nursing history in the form of a timeline, each date range presenting various key points in nursing history. Not too long before this request, Storyline 2 had come out, providing a wealth of new triggers and interactive objects to use. Among the new features of this program was the all-new Slider Bar. Immediately, I began exploring the applications of this feature.

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