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Jul 20 2016

The topic of why and how to convert Flash learning content to HTML5 is a hot one. Flash was and still is a powerful format with almost limitless capability for functionality and animation. Leading authoring tools like Articulate Storyline use it as the primary output. However, support for Flash content is continuing to diminish. Why is this? What’s going to replace it? How do we make the move to something new?

May 25 2016

This is part two of a two-part webinar on how to develop 508 compliant e-learning with two leading tools: Lectora and Storyline. This session focuses on Storyline 2 and its features that support compliance. Join us in this session and we will explore how to create interactive media-rich e-learning that is accessible for all users.


Feb 05, 2018
Michael Darden

When developing e-learning, we know the importance of having access the right digital media to support your content. For many developers, finding the right images, audio, or video can be challenging. That’s why we are happy that Trivantis has introduced Vaast.


Feb 05, 2018
Dan Richards

In this blog, Dan Richards tells a story of one of his most memorable experiences while traveling to conduct authoring tool training. This story doubles as a great example of how assessments can be used as motivators for students, even when they dont realize it.

Jan 03, 2018
Eddie Javor

Let’s face it. Sometimes the programs we use at work can be challenging. Often, it is an employee’s knowledge of these programs that can make or break efficiency. Simulation can be a powerful tool in familiarizing your employees with software (in a consequence-free environment) before exposing them to the real-world counterpart.

Oct 05, 2017
Michael Darden


In this blog post I look to explain my feelings around Interactive Advantage's 20th Anniversary and what it means to me to be apart of this company as a new employee.

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