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Aug 13 2014

Dan Richards discusses responsive interface design, device tracking, adaptive assessments, optimizing the learning experience, and social interactions from a developer's point of view.


Dec 18 2012

Dan Richards and Kasper Spiro discusses a didactic approach to eLearning.


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Jan 04, 2016
Eddie Javor

I was asked to develop an interactive presentation of nursing history in the form of a timeline, each date range presenting various key points in nursing history. Not too long before this request, Storyline 2 had come out, providing a wealth of new triggers and interactive objects to use. Among the new features of this program was the all-new Slider Bar. Immediately, I began exploring the applications of this feature.

Jan 04, 2016
Eddie Javor

Here’s an example of a scenario-based training course I made in Storyline 2 recently. This professor wanted something more engaging, something more than just bullet points on a slide. My task was to develop an online activity on patient diagnosis that would expose the learner to realistic patient scenarios, ask them to prescribe a treatment, and allow them to view the outcomes of their decisions.

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