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Training Reviews

What Our Learners Are Saying


"The training we received from IAC was top-notch. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and had an easy, relaxed delivery style. Not only did we learn the basics, our instructor addressed our training specific needs by customizing lessons and examples. This was some of the best training we've ever received." 

-- Dana Arrington Maynor | BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina


"The instructor explained things very clearly and in a way that worked for me. Most of the programming concepts were new to me, but enough time was spent discussing and building practical examples for it to finally click. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a soup to nuts Storyline class."

--Kate | Subaru


"Learning software online can be very challenging, but you handled the course seamlessly, Dan. I can easily see a Beyond the Essentials 2 and 3 levels. There's so much to learn. Thank you for your patience and interest in helping out. Thank everyone also for the excellent backup materials, workbook, documents, and samples. It's all very much appreciated!"

-- Cheryl


"I loved the interactive style where we were asked thought provoking questions on how to utilize functionality of Articulate."

-- Anonymous


"The most valuable part of this training was seeing the overall capabilities and the real life applications and examples."

-- Yuki Matsushita | YOKOGAWA Corporation


"I really enjoyed that the course was entirely hands on and very relevant to all of the objectives."

-- Stephanie Long


"I'd love to be able to offer some constructive suggestions, but nothing really stands out - I am really happy with what I learned. That Dan [the instructor] has an intimate understanding of the topics is blatantly clear. He is extremely knowledgeable, energetic, and engaging; he taught this course in the most interesting way I could imagine. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!"

-- Jeff Shade | BeavEx


"I went from not knowing a thing about Articulate to really enjoying building a project."

-- Anonymous


"The instructor was more than willing to answer individualized questions and each one helped trigger ideas for current and upcoming projects. I loved the interactive style where we were asked thought provoking questions on how to utilize functionality of Articulate. My biggest take away will be the variable creation and utilization. Dan explained this in a way that made me fully grasp how to make Articulate work the way I want it to work."

-- Angelia


"Will be applied immediately and I will decrease the amount of time I've been using for development. I will be able to move training to a new level with functionality."

-- Darlene Loose | Hancock Bank


"It was excellent to "Do as we learn" the content Dan provided in the format he did was very value added. It was a small program that contained numerous functionality/features and allowed us the opportunity to see and try many features. Dan is a patient man :-)"

--Heather | Subaru


"Your method of teaching and delivery of instructions were outstanding. Thank you for your patience and guiding concepts... We will remember your enthusiasm, methodical step-by-step instructions, and how you made this an engaging learning opportunity. I walk away from this course with the confidence that I have the building blocks to create simulations, add content, and create and score quizzes." 

-- Wanda Scott


"The fact that the instructor has an intimate understanding of the topics is blatantly clear."

-- Anonymous


"Thanks for all you did to make the class so informative and enjoyable. I appreciate the valuable experience and examples you were willing to share. Your calm and patient manner made learning this new program fun!"

-- Betty Clay | Wells Fargo


"A really great walk-through some of the major elements that make Storyline so powerful. It will definitely help me in my day-to-day work."

-- Carole Batterman-West