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Section 508 Compliant E-learning - Trusted Tester

How do you test e-learning for Section 508 compliance?

As developers ourselves we face that same question. We share the commitment made by the Department of Homeland Security to a common testing approach for accessibility compliance and conformity. Our certified Trusted Testers deliver a code-inspection based test approach for determining e-learning, software, and website conformance to the Section 508 standards. 

We are excited for our resident Trusted Tester, Mary Ann, who is currently recertifying in Trusted Tester version 5! 

Benefits of Trusted Testers:

  • Promotes a common understanding of the 508 standards.
  • Unifies the test process.
  • Unifies the set of test tools.
  • Unifies test results reporting.
  • Test results can be shared for common applications (i.e. Shared Services, COTS, etc.)
  • Supports IT governance by integrating Section 508 into the development and acquisition lifecycle.
  • Promotes the successful adoption of the changes required to integrate the TTP within an agency.
  • Improves ability for developers to reproduce test results which expedites remediation of nonconformance.


Talk with a Trusted Tester


What is a Trusted Tester? A Trusted Tester (TT) is an individual who has taken the required TT training courses and who has achieved at least 90% on the DHS Section 508 Trusted Tester Certification Exam. Essentially, they are experts who have proven their ability to evaluate content to determine Section 508 compliance and effectively communicate items that require remediation and why.

Learn more about the DHS Trusted Test Program.