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E-learning Support and Coaching

Support Subscriptions

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General Features

  • Access to experts who develop e-learning every day and stay up to date on the latest related technologies
  • Can be used for specific questions on a variety of subjects
  • Response to your requests within one business day*
  • Our experts are available by appointment for virtual or phone discussions
  • Notification of emerging technologies that could affect your development strategies

What Subscribers Are Saying

"Thank you SO MUCH for helping usĀ  with this. Since you came on board the number of tech calls have reduced by 75% and the number of daily "unresolved" issues has gone down to nearly zero!!"

-- Aurora Pucciarello, CEO | REO Training Solutions

"IAC provided Oral Technologies Winchester services that included template development, training and support... The project was a success and exceeded all expectations"

-- Angela Perkins, Manager of training | Cardinal Health