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E-Learning Development

We create engaging courseware designed to increase knowledge retention and enhance performance through interactivity, rich media, and scenario-based learning. 

Our method is simple but effective. Before we put a finger on your content, we get to the heart of your training initiative by asking three simple questions:

1.  What are the primary business drivers behind your training?

2.  What are the behaviors and performance areas you need to impact?

3.  Who is the training for and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Armed with this information, we extract knowledge and content from your subject matter experts and design courses that drive performance without driving learners crazy with seemingly pointless memorization. Whenever possible, we replace fact checking with engaging scenario-based learning that connects e-learning to reality. We firmly believe this is the best way to train.

Rapid E-Learning Development

Our team of experts can rapidly develop your content into an interactive learning experience. We use well-known processes such as ADDIE, SAM and AGILE to organize workflow and deliver iteratively, ensuring your vision for your project becomes a reality.

Conversion & Migration | Flash Coversion to HTML5

Need to convert your old Flash or proproetary format content? We can transform your old courses into new online formats that work in modern browser and mobile devices. Learn More

Section 508 Compliance and Course Accessibility

Your courses should be accessible to everyone in your audience. This may include individuals with disabilities and who want to consume the materials differently. We know what it takes to plan, build, and validate Section 508 Compliant e-learning and supporting materials. Learn More

Integration & Tracking

Knowing who has completed your course and how they scored is critical. We leverage technologies like AICCSCORM and Tin Can API to track this information for you.

Maintenance & Updates

A good long-term strategy for updating your content can overcome technical limitations and keep costs down. Let us keep your courses current with planned maintenance and establish a smart strategy for the upkeep of your content.

Your Outsource Resource

IAC can augment and support your team in the areas of instructional design, graphical design, audio and video production, courseware engineering and project management. Put our experience to work for you.