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Jim Dawson

Sales and Workplace Performance Strategist and Speaker

Jim Dawson, the Managing Partner with ADI Performance, is a recognized national expert in the area of human functioning in the workplace. He is a speaker, corporate trainer/facilitator, columnist, and author.  As a presenter/speaker, he has addressed and impacted the lives of thousands of people and achieved impressive results for his clients. They include some of the country’s largest corporations, like Coca-Cola, Alltel, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, and WorldCom. Previously, he was with AT&T’s School of Business - the premiere training organization within the largest communications holding company in the United States. 

Working with clients from a variety of industries and roles, Jim easily creates an energized learning environment that captivates audiences, provokes thought, and inspires action.  He is dedicated to helping every client realize a greater sense of self-expectation and new levels of performance that lead to expanded career options and a more satisfying work/life balance.  Over the last twenty years Jim has dedicated himself to developing and delivering training that acts as a catalyst, unleashing individual potential.

Jim is a co-author of “Real World Customer Service Strategies That Work,” (Insight Publishing Company, 2004), and has contributed to nearly 200 business and trade journals, including Job Training & Placement Report, Start Your Own Business, American Management Association, Balance Magazine, Associations News, Business Credit, Connections Magazine, Insurance Insight, The Office Professional and The Customer-Service Advantage. He is a member with the National Speakers Association of Georgia.