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WesPay was looking for a similar solution to that of View Pointe.


Interactive Advanatge migrated the originator self-assessment tool and the learning management system that housed it from View Pointe to the WesPay server environment where we then rebranded and updated the whole solution. Interactive Advantage also added another self-assessment tool called the RDC self-assessment.


WesPay acquired the ACH originator self-assessment tool from View Pointe, originally developed by Interactive Advantage. Interactive Advantage then rebranded and re-migrated it to their new server environment as well as added the RDC self-assessment. Interactive Advantage continues to provide all technical support and bare all responsibility for the technical aspect of updating and maintaining the two products and their system.


WesPay is a membership-based payments association focused on regulatory compliance, risk management and operational sound practices across various payments channels. We work with over 1,200 member organizations including financial institutions, third-party payment providers and other organizations supplying payments-related services. WesPay, as a Direct Member of NACHA, is a specially recognized and licensed provider of ACH education, publications and support. Representing the interests of member institutions, WesPay is directly engaged in the NACHA rulemaking process and the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) Program. Partnered with ECCHO, WesPay is a designated Educational Partner for the National Check Professional (NCP) accreditation program. WesPay provides timely and critical information related to changes in payments-related rules and regulatory guidance, education and preparation for industry accreditations, audit and advisory services and publication sales. WesPay's member communications keep members informed, and our Payments Hotline and virtual online community provide member support with operational, compliance and risk management challenges.