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Financial and Insurance


View Pointe was looking to have a Learning Management system built and deployed in their ACH originator self-assessment tool. In addition they were looking to have a distribution system built to enroll their thousands of users in the ACH tool.


Interactive Advantage created Viewpointe's first ever learning management system and deployed on it in an ACH originator self-assessment tool. IAC also created the distribution system to enable View Pointe to enroll thousands of users in this ACH originator assessment tool running in the learning management system.  


View Pointe was able, with the help of Interactive Advantage, to enroll their thousands of users in the ACH originator assessment and use their new learning management system successfully. View Pointe’s ACH originator self-assessment tool was so successful companies like WesPay adopted it. 


Founded over a decade ago by some of the largest institutions in financial services, we started with a charter to “solve the information management challenges of the financial industry.” With our origin as a hosted managed service – now more commonly known as the “cloud,” we have successfully helped large, complex organizations manage, secure and monitor their data via our hosted private cloud. Thus, we uniquely understand the regulatory and compliance challenges that heavily regulated organizations face, and the cost pressures that are inherent in every technology-buying decision. Today, with more than 1,500 customers, we host one of the largest national archives of check images and enterprise information, offering information governance solutions and payments solutions. Viewpointe currently manages an archive of more than 33 petabytes in our private cloud.