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Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Science


Nivate was looking to have a nursing informatics curriculum developed.


Interactive Advantage designed and developed an entire nursing informatics curriculum. In 2017-2018, Interactive Advantage is contracted to update the nursing informatics curriculum. 


Interactive Advantage continues to work with Nivate, working to update their nursing informatics curriculum after successfully designing and developing it the first time.


NIVATE Online, LLC was formed in 2009 to meet a need for nursing informatics education at the entry level. Located in the Nashville, TN area, NIVATE Online has worked with a variety of schools to assist with implementing nursing informatics content either as a curricular thread or stand alone course. For academic year 2011-2012 there will be over 600 students in the the NIVATE Online program.

Our faculty offer extensive experience in nursing and informatics concepts and technologies in the healthcare practice setting. With advanced nursing degrees and dual certifications in informatics and online teaching and learning, NIVATE's faculty have developed an online informatics program that is based on nursing practice for the 21st century.

Our support staff are all nurse educators who understand the online learning environment and the importance of creating a student-friendly experience.