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Interactive Timeline and Slider Bar with Articulate Storyline 2

Eddie Javor

I was asked to develop an interactive presentation of nursing history in the form of a timeline, each date range presenting various key points in nursing history. Not too long before this request, Storyline 2 had come out, providing a wealth of new triggers and interactive objects to use. Among the new features of this program was the all-new Slider Bar. Immediately, I began exploring the applications of this feature.

I knew this interaction would be a mess of layers, pictures, and audio files, so I looked for ways to make this more efficient. The slider bar has values along its length, and those values can be used in coordination with triggers to make things happen on screen like hiding and showing layers. With this in mind, the interactive timeline came together, quickly and easily.

Want to see how it came out? Use the following link:

Click Here.