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New Instructor-Led Class Offerings


So, this is what we've seen happen...

The new year starts up and your company is looking to expand their learning initiative and you've been selected to carry the torch. Your company has several licenses of the latest version of your chosen e-Learning tool ready to be used and you've gone so far as to install and open the program. Then the questions start rolling: "What is this interface and how do I use it?", "How do I ensure the object I use will be tracked in our Learning Management System?", "I just want to apply a consistent look and feel that's unique to my company throughout the course... is that so difficult?"

We know what it feels like, and we can help. For over 20 years we've been working with the latest online learning tools pushing them to their limits to ensure each is utilized to its fullest advantage. Of course, once you've learned something, it's fun to share! We have several classes offered in our training center in Atlanta, at your site, or even on-demand through an online meeting. Go ahead and check out our list of classes and sign up for a course that suits your needs. We're ready and willing to help you achieve your business goals and put you in line for an accomplished year of learning development.