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Building a Diagnostic Practice for Healthcare Professionals

Eddie Javor

Here’s an example of a scenario-based training course I made in Storyline 2 recently. This professor wanted something more engaging, something more than just bullet points on a slide. My task was to develop an online activity on patient diagnosis that would expose the learner to realistic patient scenarios, ask them to prescribe a treatment, and allow them to view the outcomes of their decisions.

The activity was designed so that the learner can fail safely and constructively. That is, nobody is going to die because of a decision, and whether they’re right or wrong, they’re given feedback. The learner is given a place to make mistakes, to view how and why they were wrong, and learn from it. No grades, no stress attached.

As you will see in the example, I went with some sliding panels, a simplified user interface, flat graphic shapes, and simple animations to expose the scenario-based content.

To view this example, use the following link:

Click Here.