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Articulate Storyline Classes Launched

Dan Richards

We have been reviewing Articulate Storyline and have included it in our quiver of development tools. With some practical skills under our belt and a growing list of best practices for production, we felt it was time to add a robust training offering as well. Three IAC classes have now been announced for Articulate Storyline. The Articulate Storyline Essentials class is designed as a solid introduction to the product. The Comprehensive class includes the essentials curriculum plus intermediate and advanced topics. There is also anĀ Advanced class for those with Stoyline experience who want to take things to the next level.

A key differentiator in our Storyline training is our recognition that it can be difficult to conceptually plan and design complex branching scenarios. Storyline supports simplified development of branching content, but instructional designers still need a methodology to visually and conceptually represent a branching schema prior to development. Our training is a wholistic approach to an emerging scenario-based instructional process from soup to nuts - from initial design to complete courseware.

See you in class!